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Goals & Prizes

We strive to reward those of you who make every effort to do the best you can in the Walking Fit program, whether your goal is 10,000 steps per day or even 100,000 steps per day. Below you will see what incentives you'll be able to receive once you reach a certain number of steps.

10,000 steps is the recommended steps for a healthy adult. Use the pedometer to help motivate and improve your performance level.

Steps Per Day Activity Level
< 5,000 Sedentary
5,000-7,499 Low Active
7,500-9,999 Somewhat Active
≥ 10,000 Active
≥ 12,500 Highly Active

Below is a list of the many different incentives you can receive.  Prizes can be claimed at the Student Recreation Center or Human Resources.  Simply take a printout of the prize you have earned to the Recreation Center North front desk between 8 am - 5pm or by appointment with Julie Chobdee in Human Resources. 

Incentive Step Milestones
100,000 Steps
WalkingFit Drawstring Backpack (Use it to carry your walking shoes and water bottle!)
250,000 Steps
WalkingFit Water Bottle (be sustainable)
500,000 Steps
WalkingFit Messenger Cooler bag (Keep your lunch or snacks cool while you walk)
750,000 Steps
WalkingFit Coffee Travel Mug
1,000,000 Steps
WalkingFit T-shirt (Feel like a million!)
  5,000,000 Steps
WalkingFit Gym Bag

10,000,000 Steps
WalkingFit Fleece Blanket

15,000,000 Steps
WalkingFit Sweatshirt


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